National recruitment & talent consultancy Broster Buchanan and Harpenden-based training gym Marchon Athletic are pulling together to raise money for registered charity London Youth Rowing.   Through the sport of rowing, London Youth Rowing empowers young people’s lives through improving their physical, social and mental wellbeing whilst helping develop crucial life skills.



On Friday 28th February ‘The Broster Buchanan Unsinkables’ are signed up to take part in the ‘Race the Thames 2020’ challenge at Olympic Park, London and the skilled team at Marchon Athletic have taken up the mantle of training CEO, Andrew Broster at Broster Buchanan through their highly tailored regime. Starting with a full body composition analysis, Andrew will be taken through a number of training sessions comprised of both strength and conditioning protocols as well as receiving nutritional advice to ready him for the challenge ahead.


“LYR are passionate about making fitness and rowing accessible to young people from all walks of life; helping them get active, develop confidence and skills and have fun in the process!  They are currently working with over 70 schools and 20 clubs. Last year over 5,500 participants took part in their programmes or activities, including over 250 young people with disabilities.”


Broster Buchanan’s team of 8 will race the full length of the Thames (45 miles) on rowing machines overlooking the buzz of the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships, with guest appearances from Olympic Rowers to help coach and motivate the participants.   At this event Broster Buchanan will also host a stand to offer careers advisory skills to 11-18 year olds, in partnership with Weetabix.


Marchon Athletic is a specialist training gym based in Harpenden which encourages health, wellbeing and performance through the philosophy of functional fitness.

Broster Buchanan is a nationwide professional recruitment & talent solutions consultancy with offices in Harpenden; specialising in Finance, IT & Change Management, Marketing & Sales, Human Resources, Executive Search and Interim & Temporary assignments.

To get in touch or if you would like to make a charitable donation to this cause please call 0203 6674577 or click here.

In this latest video Miles Jefford, Legal Sector Senior at Armstrong Watson chats to Broster Buchanan’s Andrew Grimshaw to discuss his reasons for making the move from a Top 10 to a Top 30 practice, and why he has made this step in his career.


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If you would like advice from Andrew Grimshaw please get in touch here.



On Friday 28th February ‘The Broster Buchanan Unsinkables’ are signed up to take part in the ‘Race the Thames 2020’ challenge at Olympic Park, London to raise money for London Youth Rowing, a ground breaking charity who encourage disadvantaged young people to be active and improve their physical, social and mental wellbeing.

LYR are passionate about making fitness and rowing accessible to young people from all walks of life; helping them get active, develop confidence and skills and have fun in the process!  They are currently working with over 70 schools and 20 clubs. Last year over 5,500 participants took part in their programmes or activities, including over 250 young people with disabilities. 

Click here to read about the mission & vision of this incredibly inspiring charity.

Broster Buchanan’s team of 8 will race the full length of the Thames (45 miles) on rowing machines, overlooking the buzz of the National Junior Indoor Rowing Championships, with guest appearances from Olympic Rowers to help coach and motivate us. At this event Broster Buchanan will also host a stand to offer our careers advisory skills to 11-18 year olds through an interactive activity; the team are looking forward to meeting up to 2,000 people on the day.

CEO, Andrew Broster will be taking part in the challenge and has even threatened to dust off the rowing machine in his shed in preparation!

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Thank you so much for your support – It really does mean a lot.

Wish us luck!

The Team at Broster Buchanan

The intermediaries legislation – more commonly known as IR35, is a piece of anti-avoidance tax
legislation to combat what HMRC call “disguised employees”. It applies to contractors who supply their services through a limited company, known by HMRC as a personal service company. It requires the PSC to pay equivalent employment tax to directly engaged employees i.e PAYE tax and NIC if the reality of the work is akin to employment.

Since the introduction of IR35, it has been the responsibility of the PSC to determine whether they were working inside (i.e. effectively an employee) or outside (i.e. a genuine self-employed contractor in business on their account) of IR35 and to pay the appropriate taxes due.



Who is going to be responsible?

From 6th April 2020, except for some smaller end user companies, the responsibility of determining status moves to the end client. Where the contractor is deemed inside IR35, the rules also make the fee payer (recruitment company) responsible for the contractor’s tax and NIC, as well as the employer’s NIC.  Check your obligations carefully.


Is the method by which status is assessed changing?

The actual method by which status is assessed is not changing. There is simply a change in responsibility in who determines the IR35 status of the contractor. If a contractor is legitimately outside IR35 today, then they should continue to be outside IR35 after April 2020. It is also important to remember that HMRC’s own view is that one-third of contractors should be caught by IR35 – meaning the majority are still outside.


Is there a basic rule?

Yes; if the engagement between the end client & contractor looks and feel like employment, it is more likely IR35 will apply. The contractor will need to clearly demonstrate that there is an absence of at least personal service, right of control or mutuality of obligation to show that IR35 does not apply.


What is right of control?

The level of control exercised by the client over the services to be provided. What is the scope of the work, how is it going to be provided, who is providing it, when is it going to be provided, and where is it to be provided is highly important for determining IR35 status. HMRC may only need to show one of these four aspects of control is present for there to be a strong case that the contractor is controlled and therefore inside IR35.


What is MOO?

There is a Mutuality of Obligation between an end-user client and contractor if the client is obliged to provide paid work and the contractor is obliged to accept and complete the work. This situation is typical of most employer-employee relationships, in which the employee is paid by their employer each week or month. Genuine limited company contractors outside IR35 should neither expect nor receive such mutuality of obligation. A contractor’s limited company should be engaged on contract for services basis, to perform a specific task for a specific project, and once the project is over the contractor moves on, or may be offered a new project by the client.


I’m a contractor; what happens if I get caught by IR35?

If HMRC choose to investigate, and deem you inside IR35 they will make their demand for the retrospective PAYE tax and National Insurance, plus interest and a possible penalty.


So what options do I have as a contractor?

  • Consult your ​lawyer or accountant – ​We can put you in touch with suitable professionals if requested
  • Review your current working practices
  • If the majority of your work is deemed inside IR35, you may wish to consider joining an umbrella company
  • Insure yourself



We recently caught up with Chris Batters, Associate Director for Technology, to find out more about his move and his focus on the Technology division across London and the Home Counties.  Click Here to hear more from Chris in this video.


“Tell us about you and your background”?

I have been with Broster Buchanan since 2016 and earlier this year I was given the opportunity to move to London to focus on the Technology Division. My recruitment life started 12 years ago, having always specialized in Technology, Change and Transformation across all sectors, so it is a market I know well.

Pre Broster Buchanan, I graduated from University in Criminology and Law, which then obviously led me into a career in recruitment. My wife and I recently had our first child (who’s just started crawling!) so its safe to say it’s been a busy 2019 so far.


“Can you tell us about your journey with Broster Buchanan so far”?

I joined the business in 2016 as employee number 7 shortly after the business began trading. The majority of us had all come from corporate recruitment backgrounds, so going from suits, ties and boardroom meetings to working from your bedroom for the first 6 months was interesting to say the least.  It doesn’t seem that long ago yet now we enjoy the luxury of nine offices across the UK which is testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire team for how far we have come.

I have worked with our MD Kevin Moran for many years and he brought me in to help build our UK wide Technology division from scratch; a big move at 28 years old but it has worked out well – we like to remind the team at Broster Buchanan every now and then that we have been the most successful division in the company for the past 3 years! In response to our success and a growing need from our clients and candidates we decided to open the London office and invest in building out this division, across all sectors.


“How did you find the transition from the corporate recruitment world to start-up mode?”

Interesting to say the least, as I said, we all came from large organisations with thousands of people and unlimited resources, to then just a handful of us. The most eye-opening part for me was going from a well-known business that everyone had heard of, to an unknown entity which we had the chance to build up from scratch. I remember the first few calls I made to the London market and speaking to people who had never heard of us. But once we told our story and what we were trying to do, along with what our mission was, people became very ‘pro Broster Buchanan’.

I credit the amazing support that we have had from our clients and candidates to the fact that we are all experienced in our field, everything we do is hinged on honesty, transparency and building relationships for the long-term, and because we are more boutique in our approach we are able to enjoy the benefits of agility and innovation with no red tape getting in the way.

Fast forward 5 years and we have a great selection of key accounts (from SME businesses to large corporations) and we have built solid relationships across the Technology & Transformation market with both clients and candidates.


What areas do you cover?

We recruit across the entirety of Technology & Transformation within the UK (both interim and permanent). Specifically in London I recruit for the following,

– Senior/Leadership roles CIO, CTO, CDO, CISO, IT Director
– Data Science / Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
– Agile/Scrum
– Infrastructure

– Architecture
– IT/Cyber Security
– Change & Transformation
– Business Intelligence

As a wider business we also recruit within Finance, Marketing, Sales, Energy & Infrastructure, Temps & Interim and Executive level appointments.


How do you think your regional recruitment experience will help with being successful in London?

Funnily enough I was asked something similar with a client recently. Over the years I have had a UK-wide remit, so I have significant experience of the London market which gives me a solid idea of the terrain and a good network of people as a foundation.

My outlook on recruitment has always been to focus on building relationships and then deliver on what is required. Over time, once you have built these relationships and the trust is there, you can start working in even more of a consultative capacity and that allows you to offer your best possible service and ultimately make your clients and candidates lives easier.

From the feedback I have received so far from the London Technology market, it seems the relationship element in London is a big factor, and transitioning that into a delivery aspect means you can offer real value in quite a saturated tech market.


What are your growth plans for the division?

We are looking to bring in a handful of hires into the London division, and something similar on the Finance side of the business, which should get us to around 8+ people within the next 6-12 months.

I will be looking for people to head up both the Change & Transformation market and the Big Data market initially, as both are where we have a lot of opportunities and growth potential.

In my opinion the people that will do best at BB are the ones that want full autonomy, have expert knowledge in their field and the entrepreneurial mindset to help build something from the bottom up.


Where do you hope to be in the next 3 years?

With the support we have had so far, my vision is for us to have at least 20 heads in the Technology division alone, and of course to retain our standing as the most successful division in Broster Buchanan! It will take a lot of talented individuals to get there, but I am confident that we can make this as much of a success in London as we have done previously across the UK. From there we will have the opportunity to open up new office locations, and even look outside of the UK.

With the ever-changing elements of recruitment and market saturation, standing out to candidates and clients is key. As I’ve mentioned before, we’ll start by building a relationship and offering a bespoke service. Building trust and rapport by demonstrating sector knowledge, offering additional marketing resource or an inhouse offering, combined with the determination to be the go-to consultancy will be key.

Clients are looking always for additional support, and we have systems and products in place to satisfy this. We have partnerships with interim consultancies to help with contractor invoicing, video interviewing and marketing products and our management consultancy division, Orbbis. Delivering management consultancy through industry experts, this new division offers a suite of individually respected leading practitioners in their field, helping our clients pivot towards a digital infrastructure that is flexible, on-strategy and defines the future of their business.


Finally, do you have any events coming up?

I’m glad you asked, yes I am working alongside my colleagues Owen Myers and Jenna Mackie to run our next ‘Future of the workplace’ event in London. As we have done for the last few years, it is a roundtable event for thought leaders across all sectors (CIOs, CFOs, Transformation Directors etc) to enjoy good food and share ideas around this topic, co-hosted with our Agile expert.

We also have IR35 specific events and webinars happening in October and November; something we are very keen to front in partnership with our legal teams and interim consultancy supporting partners.



CEO, Andrew Broster hosted the final of the annual Broster Buchanan Charity Golf Tournament on Monday 23rd September 2019, in the prestigious grounds of the Marquess Course at Woburn Golf Club.

Three four-ball teams participated in the event with John achieving the winning score. The ‘longest drive’ contest was won by Paul and the ‘nearest the pin’ prize was won by Graham. The BB wooden spoon was retained by Kevin for the 4th year running!

In total this event has raised £3,000 for 2019’s selected charities Dementia UK and Wooden Spoon Worcestershire and their exceptionally worthy causes.

Overall the annual charity golf tournaments have raised close to £15,000 since the launch of Broster Buchanan, and at the close of this years’ event Andrew was keen to convey his gratitude to all involved, “I would like to express my thanks to all those that have attended the days and for their support of this campaign. When I founded Broster Buchanan it was vital for me to create a business that was clear in its objectives and gave something back – we are delighted to be giving something back, and for staying dry!”