Broster Buchanan is committed to continuous improvement and have made preparations to ensure that we hold ourselves to appropriate standards with regards to the new GDPR legislation, made enforceable in May 2018.

Keeping in touch with our candidates and clients to assist them throughout their careers is an important part of our work, and we regard the duty of storing and processing personal data with great responsibility. Broster Buchanan takes the privacy of our contacts very seriously and is committed to high standards of data privacy, security and transparency.

Broster Buchanan have revised and enhanced a number of technical and organisational processes with respect to information and data security, and have reviewed all of our policies to ensure that we remain in line with GDPR regulation and industry best practice.

In addition to this we have provided all existing staff, and will provide all new staff with the appropriate security and data protection training; ensuring that the entire team are aware of the requirements of GDPR legislation and how it impacts their role.

Broster Buchanan will continually update information security controls and practices, prioritising data protection by default and design.

We are committed to ensuring: –

  • Data is obtained, and information is processed fairly
  • Data is kept safe and secure
  • Data is processed for its intended purpose
  • Data is not retained for longer than is necessary
  • Individuals have the right to be forgotten
  • Provide a timely response & access to data for subject access requests

In addition to this, specific controls that are in place include: –

  • Reassert consent from all existing contacts
  • Capture consent from all new contacts
  • Cleansing of all HTML, CRM and ATS databases
  • All HTML campaigns will continuously reassert consent from contacts
  • Procedure for the removal of data at the request of a contact
  • Procedure for data access requests from a contact
  • Timeframe and process in place to remove expired data
  • All contractual paperwork clearly displays our GDPR policy

Controlling data is an essential part of what we do and Broster Buchanan are committed to complying with GDPR legislation and implementing any necessary changes. Our policies and practices will be updated accordingly and communicated on an ongoing basis.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our designated GDPR Data Protection Officer, Gemma Ingram at