Big Data

Data has become a big part of our everyday lives; organisations in every industry are using and investing in data analytics tools, technologies & professionals to provide crucial business insights.

The emerging jobs market is seeing an exciting evolution; Data science careers are shaping the future demand for data science skills which is growing exponentially.

  • 75% of the fasted growing occupations require STEM skills
  • 40% of our current jobs will no longer exist in the future
  • 71% of global employers identify STEM employees as their most innovative
  • 82% of global employers agree that employees with STEM qualifications are valuable

Our team of specialists focus purely on this niche market, and with their extensive networks and search and selection expertise they provide an intelligent, targeted service.

We recruit for a wide range of vacancies at both junior and senior level including Data Science jobs, Data Analyst jobs, and Big Data jobs throughout the UK and with a global reach into Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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There has been an exponential increase in the importance of information security for organisations, and data security standards and legislation are now a critical part of everyday business.

Our Cyber Team has specialised in the recruitment of cyber security professionals for over 15 years, covering information security, cyber security, Audit, Risk and Compliance; built upon market knowledge gained through many years of experience operating in specialist markets our team have strong, established relationships across their client and candidate networks.


Cloud technology is at the heart of the Digital Business- it drives mobility, innovation and flexibility, and has become the foundation for how all businesses consume their technology. The Software as a Service (SaaS) market is incredibly exciting, and the nature of iterative development and improvement continues to drive business transformation. Behind this is a thriving community of SaaS product experts and evangelists, enabling projects and realising plans.

Our established networks include Technical Architects, Solution Architects, Project/Programme Managers, Developers, Technical Leads, Business Analysts, Configuration/Administration Specialists and Testers.


“"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change"”

Albert Einstein

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