Companies today are dealing with economic uncertainty, a dynamic and changing workforce, narrow margins, compressed business cycles and talent shortages; as a result, an integrated approach to talent management is fast becoming the key to competitive advantage.

With their in-depth knowledge of the economy and industry trends, recruitment outsourcing providers can help their clients meet business strategies and become true business partners, with many now changing recruitment from a fixed cost into a flexible expense that can respond according to fluctuating business needs.

Integrating any new resource into an already functioning business can have its challenges. Here are four key areas to consider when setting up this new strategic relationship…

1. This is not a vendor relationship


Whilst a recruitment outsourcing partner can be used as a replacement for a small number of recruiting activities in a largely transactional manner, the real value comes when a truly strategic partnership is formed. Assign your recruitment outsourcing partner to an influential leader within the business, and give them the time it takes to ensure they understand the business and industry challenges, your company culture and your existing and desired employer brand.

2. Clearly define your goals & tailor your approach


The real value in recruitment outsourcing services is in the ability to create a bespoke plan to build upon and improve the talent management function. To allocate the right services to the right areas take the time to review the immediate, short-term, medium-term and long-term recruitment needs; assess what is working, which areas need improvement and consider the seasonal or economic pinch points that your business experiences or is anticipating.

By tailoring your approach and giving your recruitment outsourcing partner clearly defined goals from day one, they will be able to develop strategic solutions that are considered and measurable.

3. Get the internal recruitment team onboard


Once you have clearly defined your approach you can communicate this to the existing internal recruitment team and ensure they are aware of any changes to their roles and responsibilities. By relieving the pressure at busy times and implementing services that are often outside of their workload priorities, this shouldn’t be a difficult sell!

4. Establish how to measure results


Establish from day one how you intend to measure the performance and impact of your recruitment outsource provider.

The best recruitment partners will have rigorous metrics and reporting practices in place, and this data will help you gain valuable insight into your recruiting processes and build upon your employment brand.

When implemented and managed successfully, a strategic recruitment partnership will go well beyond an organisation’s immediate recruitment needs and into the realm of value-added results across the entire talent function.


Who are Talent Solutions Partners at Broster Buchanan?

Our Talent Solutions Partners have significant experience working in genuine partnership with organisations to deliver quality talent. We take the time to listen and understand your needs, tailoring our approach and creating bespoke solutions accordingly. You will find us knowledgeable, passionate about innovation, flexible, approachable and absolutely focused on ensuring high-quality service for everyone that we speak with.

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