The RPO market is changing and with more flexible, bespoke services now on offer so are the pricing structures, opening up this service to smaller and medium sized organisation alongside the big players.

Before speaking with any RPOs it is important to undertake and internal review first. Look at your current processes; what works well? What could work better? What resources or expertise are you missing? Is what you currently do scalable and measurable?

Urgent hiring needs are created through seasonal demands, new projects and new processes and without planning, organisations can find themselves understaffed. This can result in lower production, lost revenue, potentially high contractor rates and low staff morale. When your internal processes become reactive rather than proactive, it is very easy to lose momentum on how effectively you are managing your talent pooling and retention strategies.

To help decide if a Recruitment Outsourcing Provider is right for your business, ask yourself these eight key questions: –

  1. How much time will they spend understanding your business? Will they act as an extension of your brand?
  2. How flexible can they be with their service offering and pricing model?
  3. Can they manage recruitment processes end-to-end (onsite or offsite)?
  4. Do they have experience in your industry sector? Can they provide examples of how they have assisted other similar sized organisations?
  5. What technology platforms do they work with? Can their economies of scale and connections offer you something otherwise unavailable?
  6. Are they able to cope with any specialist compliance requirements and are they up to date with new legislation?
  7. Do they understand your employee value proposition, and can they help to improve your candidate experience?
  8. What additional services do they provide, for example psychometric testing, talent market mapping, relocation assistance and assessment centres?

When selecting an RPO partner try to look beyond the transaction costs, to what value they can add. This is a strategic, service relationship, so you need to find someone you can work with to achieve a successful outcome together.


Who are Talent Solutions Partners at Broster Buchanan?

Our Talent Solutions Partners have significant experience working in genuine partnership with organisations to deliver quality talent. We take the time to listen and understand your needs, tailoring our approach and creating bespoke solutions accordingly.

You will find us knowledgeable, passionate about innovation, flexible, approachable and absolutely focused on ensuring high-quality service for everyone that we speak with.

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