2020 has challenged nearly every element of how we work. Forced to embrace new work practices, from remote working to conducting interviews via video conferencing, we’ve had to learn how to do more with less.

More than ever service, agility, relationships and humanity have been placed at the core of successful talent management, and getting your tech stack right to eliminate friction from the process enables humans to focus on what humans do best.

In this webinar we look at how agencies can benefit from digital transformation, whether you are a small recruitment agency like London-based Piccadilly One or a larger agency network such as Broster Buchanan. The CEOs of both these agencies, Simon Elkinson and Andrew Broster respectively join the debate, alongside JobAdder’s CPTO, Owen Senior and Allsorter’s CEO, Declan Murphy to offer their insights and expertise.

Our panelists share their knowledge on how to:

– Achieve incremental productivity improvements across systems and people ​
– Automate aspects of your business to improve speed and agility ​
– Create and maintain a culture of high performance ​


Click here to listen in and hear more about how you can best prepare to succeed in 2021.