Tell us a bit about yourself…

Hi, I’m Ush and I’ve been a Tech recruiter for 11 years. I’ve specialised in recruiting IT/Technology across financial services mainly within investment banking and asset/investment management.  I pride myself in building relationships and I know success comes from understanding the market and working closely with my clients and candidates in a trusted environment.

What drives you?

The environment I work within, our role can be challenging at times so having a supportive internal structure is critical and that’s what we have at Broster Buchanan. The level of experience within our business is phenomenal, no question is a silly one and there are no egos.  I know I’m always able to pick up the phone to anyone within the business and get the support I need.

Career highlights

My aim is to genuinely support candidates with their career and future development as well as help my clients find solutions to their problems rather than a one-off transaction.  There’s no better feeling than placing a person or recruiting for a client who continues to come back to me.  From successfully recruiting whole teams of Engineers for various clients, to placing one candidate four times so far, it always provides a real sense of achievement.

Personal facts

I’m a TV series junkie, I’ll watch anything despite the rating!  Recently I have enjoyed Happy Valley, Tulsa King and Ted Lasso.  I love eating really good food and would happily say I don’t enjoy cooking. I find crypto and NFTs really interesting, especially learning about blockchain technology and staking.