Building a happy workplace has never felt more paramount; with the events that have unfolded over recent years, prioritising employee wellbeing and a positive workplace are more critical than ever before. Striving for a prosperous and effective business, employers are increasingly prioritising strategies to attain this crucial objective. The workplace landscape has undergone a transformative shift due to the pandemic. Factors such as people’s expectations and the emphasis on mental well-being have emerged as significant elements in recent years, now playing a pivotal role in establishing a contented work environment for 2023.

Opening the discussion to nurturing a happy workplace, Broster Buchannan was recently asked to contribute to Plant Plan’s Happy Workplace Guide and share our insights into well-being in the workplace. Plant Plan enlisted the recruitment expertise of our co-owner and chief revenue officer, Kevin Moran, to find out how this works from a hiring perspective, and here’s what he had to share

Attract high-calibre talent to complement your present employees

As well as keeping your present employees happy, attracting high-calibre talent to complement your positive workplace is also key.  A top working environment attracts top talent and in turn, a lower employee turnover.

Adapt to flexible ways of working to attract top talent

In short, clients that are not adapting to flexible ways of working are losing! Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESC) is becoming more and more a priority for talent looking for a new role along with a strong employee value proposition (EVP); companies really need to have strong values that are at the heart of the business. As we enter into uncertain times, attracting talent will become even more difficult, and the whole package (salary, benefits, flexible working, culture / EVPP etc.) will become increasingly important to win in the talent war.

Take the time to think out and plan a strong employee value proposition

When it comes to hiring and retaining staff, it’s a real balancing act when offering a competitive salary and attractive workplace perks. With the rise in living costs, inflation and interest rates, people want the security of a healthy pay packet to cope with the rise in basic expenditure. 

It’s balancing this alongside an environment people want to work in and stick with that attracts high-calibre candidates to your workplace. To read the guide in full and learn further insights from the Plant Plan guide on how to create a happy and healthy workplace for 2023, you can download your free copy here.