Broster Buchanan is a professional Talent Management Consultancy working closely with individuals nationwide to help them achieve their career aspirations.  All of our Directors have at least 10 years experience in their market which ensures we can offer a detailed insight into our specialist areas.

We pride ourselves on building a deep understanding of our candidates through developing long term relationships.  We will ensure that we spend time getting to know what you want to achieve from your career, and in an ever increasingly competitive market your ability to draw on our knowledge and experience is invaluable.

As Director for our professional services department, I am proud to introduce you to our Accounting Consultancy Service, a key tool for many part qualified, finalist and newly qualified accountants who are looking for honest and impartial advice on their career options.

Our approach is refreshingly simple and transparent. We gain a thorough understanding of your experiences through tailored questioning and we present a holistic overview of all of your career options. We have the knowledge to talk you through the technical demands of each option, the career paths that each move is likely to generate and the work-life balance you can expect from each option.

Whether you want a no-strings overview of your options, or whether you want to use our networks and relationships to introduce relevant opportunities and businesses to you, we will be pleased for an initial conversation either via our online virtual meeting space Orbbis Connect, or in person.

Our key differences to typical recruitment companies:-

  • We take time to understand your needs and deliver on what we agree.
  • We will not push you into roles which are not right for you or what you want.
  • We will not bombard you with irrelevant job postings.
  • We build long term relationships based on a genuinely consultative approach.
  • We provide a bespoke service that is based around the individuals needs.

Ideally, we’d like to set up a meeting to get a thorough understanding of your experiences, personality, what you enjoy and (more importantly) what you dislike! However, in advance please tke a look through just a few of the options available to you..


Larger Firm

An opportunity to gain experience of dealing with larger clients, likely to be international and possible UK/ US listed businesses, bringing with it more challenging issues. A great route as a stepping stone to big business industry and commerce positions.

Smaller Firm

Gain a broader role than pure audit and become closer to your client as an all-round business adviser. Involved with Tax/ forensics/ Audit/ Accounting issues on behalf of typically SME/ OMB clients. A great route for an aspiring Partner.


Develop a value adding specialism, where you will have an ability to advise your clients on changing and complex legislation that will ultimately deliver greater profit. The tax spectrum is diverse and multiple opportunities are available – speak to our Tax specialists for more information.

Corporate Recovery

Working as an advisor to under performing and troubled businesses will hone your commercial skills. You will work on a project basis, directly with owners, managing directors and senior stakeholders to provide best solutions available. This role will give you invaluable real world, dynamic experience – something you can apply throughout your career journey.

Corporate Finance – Lead Advisory

The sharp-end of Corporate Finance, advising clients on a range of deals from management buy-outs/buy-ins, mergers and de-mergers as well as raising equity and investment through your network. You will need to understand the objectives of all parties involved and have strong negotiation skills, as well as a strong commercial acumen.

Corporate Finance – Transaction Support

Sometimes known as the accounting machine behind the lead advisors. Commercial and financial transaction support work plays a key role in preparing a strong negotiating position for the client.This role is typically quite project orientated, and the workflow varies as such.


An interesting and often exciting blend of accounting and investigation work to investigate fraud or embezzlement and to analyse financial information for use in legal proceedings.


Working on a diverse range of intellectually challenging projects in fast changing environments, you will gain strong commercial skills. You will improve the way businesses operate; accelerate their growth; reduce their costs; manage their risks; develop their talent and change the way they do business.



Internal Audit/ Risk Management

An excellent ‘first-step’ into a large business from practice. These roles tend to involve travel and are project orientated. You will gain an overview of the scope of the business and significant exposure to senior management, often opening future career opportunities within the business.

Financial Accountant

Essential in determining the financial status of the business, a Financial Accountant is responsible for keeping track of a company’s financial transactions. These transactions are recorded, summarised and presented in a financial report or financial statements in accordance with a variety of regulations and reporting standards. Balance sheet focused.

Group Accountant

Similar to a Financial Accountant, but responsible at group level for the consolidation of financial accounting records. You will be involved in quarterly, half-year and year end reporting, often with responsibility for consolidation of accounts and some non-specific tax and treasury work.

Management Accountant

A more ’P&L’ focused role, involving the provision of financial information for management. Management Accounting can include a range of the more specialist roles detailed below, though typically will involve commentary on the monthly / quarterly performance of the business and predictions for future trading. Budgeting, forecasting and variance analysis are usually the mainstay of the role.

Commercial Accountant

A more ‘forward focused’ accounting role, typically involving data and trend analysis. New product launches, price promotions and the impact of strategic decisions would all be aspects that this role would touch.

Financial Analyst

These roles typically tend to be more ad-hoc and project based, with the emphasis on providing information for operational / non-finance areas. An analyst must be aware of developments in their specialist fields and be involved in preparing financial models to predict future economic conditions: a key player in making those all-important recommendations and conclusions.

Financial Planning and Analysis

Similar to the above though typically only found within a larger corporate environment, FP&A can be described as a ‘jack of all trades’. M&A activity will more often than not channel through these teams, so they are quite often a route into industry from either Corporate Finance or Transaction Services. FP&A also answers strategic questions, forecasts for the future, ensures a timely accounting close, prepares board reporting packages.. the list goes on!

Financial Reporting

Financial reporting is the process of producing statements that disclose an organisation’s financial status to management, investors and the government. Regulated businesses will usually demand such a specialist role.

Finance Business Partner

Often described as the ‘glue’ between finance and operations. Usually a wholly business facing position which utilises your interpersonal qualities to engage with the business, as well as your analysis and reporting skills to improve the impact, and understanding, of financial reporting on business performance.

Finance Manager/ Finance Controller

Finance managers and controllers are responsible for the financial condition of their organisations. The two functions are similar, but finance managers tend to be involved in the management of a company’s finances while controllers focus on the accounting function and reporting.

Systems Accountant

A pivotal and business partnering role within a business, A Systems Accountant analyses financial information needs for organisations by reviewing existing systems and working out the best way to meet those needs through the design of new systems.

Specialism Tax/ Treasury Systems

As an HO function, Treasury is the nucleus of any multinational business. You will gain exposure in funding, risk and cash management


For further advice get in touch with Alistair Illstone at or on 07376 128768.