These are the standard terms and conditions upon which Broster Buchanan Limited supplies its services as an employment agency for permanent candidates.

Where a Candidate requires the services of Broster Buchanan Limited (“Broster Buchanan”), from time to time, to assist in the seeking suitable positions for the Candidate, these terms and conditions shall apply unless otherwise agreed in writing by Broster Buchanan.


The following words and phrases shall, unless the context otherwise requires, have the following meanings:

BB Group Companymeans Broster Buchanan and any of its Subsidiaries from time to time.
Candidatemeans the candidate seeking a permanent position and requesting services from Broster Buchanan.
Candidate Registration


means the Candidate Registration Schedule completed by the Candidate.
Clientmeans the hirer or engager of the Candidate or potential hirer or engager of the Candidate under an Engagement as the case may be.
Curriculum Vitaemeans the document, which must comply with the provisions of Clause 3.
Engagementmeans the engagement, employment or use of a person by the Client or any Group Company, whether on a permanent, fixed term, temporary, interim or other basis, where the person enters into a contract of service, contract for services or under an agency, licence, franchise or partnership agreement or otherwise directly with the Client or a Group Company and “Engaged” and “Engages” shall be construed accordingly.
Group Companymeans the Client’s Holding Company or Companies and any of the Subsidiaries of the Company or of any such Holding Company or Companies of the Company from time to time.
Holding Companyas defined in section 1159 of the UK Companies Act 2006.
Subsidiaryas defined in section 1159 of the UK Companies Act 2006.


  1. All and any business undertaken by Broster Buchanan and or any BB Group Company is transacted subject to these terms and conditions unless otherwise agreed by Broster Buchanan in writing.
  2. Upon provision by a Candidate of a Curriculum Vitae which conforms with clause 3, Broster Buchanan may, at its sole discretion, search for suitable employment positions on behalf of the Candidate. The provision of a Curriculum Vitae shall provide authorisation for Broster Buchanan to undertake the services of an employment business on behalf of the Candidate.
  3. The Candidate must ensure that the Candidate’s Curriculum Vitae is true and accurate and complies with the following
    • it should include the Candidate’s full name, address, email and telephone number
    • it should have no periods relating to the Candidate’s life from primary school upwards which are unaccounted for
    • it should include all relevant work experience and academic qualifications including email addresses, addresses and telephone numbers
    • it should include at least 2 referees (who are not relatives of the Candidate) including their addresses and telephone numbers (such referees to have been duly informed by the Candidate in advance of their inclusion therein).
  4. The type of Engagement sought for the Candidate will be as detailed on the Candidate Registration Schedule. This will set out various information including the following:
    • the type of work and role that the Candidate is looking for
    • the legal basis of the Engagement that the Candidate is looking for, i.e., whether this would be under a contract of service, apprenticeship, or a contract for services
    • the minimum rate of pay
  5. Broster Buchanan will undertake no work until the Candidate has also provided sufficient evidence of the Candidate’s identity which shall include, but not limited to, a certified copy of the Candidate’s passport, driving licence and recent utility bill.
  6. The Candidate shall ensure that the referees referred to in Section 3(d) are likely to be available and have given their consent to be approached by Broster Buchanan and/or any Client or Group Company for the purpose of obtaining references in relation to the Candidate.
  7. The Candidate shall provide Broster Buchanan with up-to-date copies of all permits (including work permits) qualifications and regulatory authorisations that are likely to be required to be provided to a Client and/or Group Company immediately on request.
  8. The Candidate consents to the disclosure of all relevant information which is reasonably required to progress any application including but not limited to the Curriculum Vitae and copies of any permits, qualifications, authorisations and references.
  9. The Candidate shall inform Broster Buchanan immediately should there be any reason or circumstances of which the Candidate is aware or should be aware which it would or is likely to be detrimental to the interests of Broster Buchanan, the Client, or a Group Company for the Candidate to take up a particular position with the Client.
  10. The Candidate consents to the undertaking by Broster Buchanan, the Client and/or a Group Company of any statutory checks or other reference checks.
  11. Broster Buchanan shall be under no obligation to find employment for the Candidate.
  12. The Candidate shall not engage in any conduct which is detrimental or is likely to be detrimental to the interests of Broster Buchanan, would or would likely be detrimental to the relationship between Broster Buchanan and the Client and/or any Group Company or would likely bring Broster Buchanan and/or any BB Group Company into disrepute.
  13. In particular, the Candidate must comply with Broster Buchanan’s equal opportunities and non-harassment policies.
  14. If the Candidate has any complaint in respect of any aspect of the services provided by Broster Buchanan, it shall complain in writing only to Andrew Broster at 65 High Street, Harpenden, Hertfordshire, AL5 2SL.
  15. An offer of employment is not made until expressly stated by the Client or Group Company.
  16. Broster Buchanan does not accept any responsibility and shall not be liable for any loss suffered by a Candidate by reason of the Candidate’s decision to resign from the Candidate’s current employment or engagement or position before or after receipt of the Client’s written offer.
  17. Broster Buchanan does not accept any responsibility and shall not be liable for any loss suffered by the Candidate by reason of the Client withdrawing the offer of employment at any time for any reason.
  18. An offer of employment made by the Client may be subject to the Client obtaining satisfactory references or background checks on the Candidate, or where permitted by law, subject to medical checks.
  19. In requesting Broster Buchanan to provide its services, the Candidate consents to the collection, holding, processing and transfer of his personal data by Broster Buchanan and any BB Group Company for all purposes connected with the seeking of suitable Engagements. In this regard, Broster Buchanan may transfer the personal data to a jurisdiction which does not necessarily provide the same statutory protection for the information as the UK.